I fiori delle Regine

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Floral Design for religious and civil wedding ceremonies

Like virtually every single woman in the world, you certainly have often daydreamed what you want your wedding to be like. Would you prefer your nuptials to be classic, modern or romantic? Do you envision a traditional ceremony, or rather a chic or trendy reception?

This is the beginning of the fantastic journey that will take you to the most beautiful day in your life. The florist services of “I fiori delle regine” aim to make your dreams come true by planning a wedding ceremony both unique and in perfect harmony with the location, the season, and of course with the personality and the wishes of the bride and groom.

In a church, the parts that are usually decorated with flower arrangements for a wedding are the altar, the area around the altar, the chancel railings, the sides of the pews, the doorway and the parvis.

Even if you prefer a civil ceremony, you will still want to be surrounded by flowers. In this case, there will be floral compositions on the table separating the celebrant from the bride and groom, on both sides of the table itself, at the entrance of the wedding hall or room. You may also want small bouquets for the guest seatings.

The skill of an accomplished flower designer lies in the ability to create decorative and scenic effects. Trust ‘I fiori delle regine’ to amaze your guests and liven up every moment of your wedding reception!