I fiori delle Regine

Floral décor of the wedding venue

Floral design principles and etiquette should be taken into serious account when planning the flower decorations for any event and venue.

Specifically, the criteria for the floral design of a wedding are fairly complex, and range from the architectural style of the church to its size, from the brightness (or lack thereof!) of the hall to the presence of frescoes. If a cathedral requires classical embellishments and large compositions so the space does not come across as bare, a tiny country chapel is best complimented with informal compositions of “humble” wild flowers.

‘I fiori delle regine’ magically transforms the choice of the floral arrangements for the church, the town hall or the registry office into a pleasure, because our expert florists will address all your doubts and help you single out a solution that is both appropriate and spiced up with the right touch of creativity.

Historically, the wedding reception is a social occasion of great symbolic significance, and this is why dressing the reception venue deserves as much attention as decorating the church

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