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I fiori delle regine’ creates custom flower arrangements for ceremonies, receptions, weddings, parties, and events at large.We pride in designing with great care floral decorations of all kinds, from simple centrepieces for private or business dinners to large-scale bespoke projects for hotels, show-rooms and stores.

Religious or civil occasions such as weddings and anniversaries, but also social or corporate events like parties, meetings, openings, product launches or conventions, are all scenarios where floral design plays a key role, defining the event’s character and making it unforgettable.

The floral design that you choose says a lot about you… This is why we can help you find the floral arrangements that best compliment your personality.

We can advise on the most suitable solutions for each type of event, matching the character of the location and the budget available, allowing you to choose from our wide range of elegant, tasteful, and stylish floral creations.


The quest for harmony is the essence of our job. In Nature, each element is related to the rest; likewise, the design of any floral arrangement – be it formal or minimalistic – must evoke and diffuse a sense of balance.

This is why we want to meet you and have an in-depth talk about your tastes, your expectations and of course also your budget, so you may feel confident of the successful outcome of your celebration.

The next step is visiting the location in order to suggest a suitable selection of seasonal flowers and a choice of designs for the floral arrangements, helping you single out the best possible solutions.

The harmony between the setting, the colours of the flowers, the scents, the sparkling of crystals and the glimmering of candles will conjure up an enchanted, captivating and elegant world, that your guests will be delighted to feel part of.

Floral arrangements for corporate events

“I fiori delle regine” designs and creates floral arrangements for corporate events like conferences, meetings, conventions, exhibitions, openings and launches, as well as for cultural events like festivals, theatre shows, music concerts, or art exhibits.

We also take care of venue, store, hotel and restaurant openings, and always strive to offer original, custom-made designs while matching the taste of the client, the style of the event and the budget available.

Of course, our flower arrangements may be designed both for indoor and outdoor set-ups. In order to create an appropriate ambience and to best compliment the event and its location, we may opt for fresh or dried flowers, fruit and other decorative elements like glass or crystal, fabric, interior design objects, candles…

Regardless of whether your event is formal or casual, elegant or trendy, a flower designer is the most suitable professional to provide a distinctive touch, thanks to a reliable mix of creativity, experience and familiarity with the shapes and meaning of flowers.



Floral design for parties and ceremonies

Whatever the occasion to celebrate and share, the overall design blending all the floral accents will be indicative of a well-planned event.

Flowers have been with us from the very beginning, ever since we were born and our mum was presented with beautiful bouquets to celebrate the happy event. More flowers cheered up our birthdays, our engagement, our wedding and its anniversaries…

Yes, it’s all about flowers! This is why “I fiori delle regine” is delighted to make available all its creativity, experience, knowledge of etiquette and unfailing good taste to make those special moments even more memorable for you, your beloved ones and your guests.

The 18th birthday or the graduation party of your children, just like your parents’ silver, gold or platinum wedding anniversaries, are important milestones in your family life: celebrate them in style with “I fiori delle regine”!