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Centrotavola colori pastello


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Decorating your tables with centerpieces with flowers full of beautiful and delicate pastel tones is the perfect way for an elegant and harmonious event.

Cascading flowers

Cascading flowers

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A trend this year are floral decorations cascading down from the rooftop, tree branches, or wherever you like.
The list of possibilities is endless. Add in a few sparkling lights and lanterns and you will have the most beautiful effect!


The bouquet of the winter bride

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If you are planning a winter wedding and you have no idea how to make your bouquet, we will suggest some flowers that are well suited to make your unique and elegant bouquet.

Which of you would have thought that in December we could create a bouquet with buttercups and tulips?

These flowers are the first of the season and they are very stylish and original more than the classic white roses, of course  a touch of fir can’t be left out.

a Bouquet with Hydrangea in white, green or Blue

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Hydrangea inflorescence composed of a collection of many small flowers, it is wonderful and refined combined with roses, peonies, dahlias, lisiantus.



For Elisa…

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For Elisa… not only musical notes, but also white roses for her wedding in the church of San Francesco.

Elisa has chosen white roses for their essence of beauty and simplicity, they evoke in her harmony and kindness